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Stuffing vs Dressing

Dressing or stuffing – that may be a question this holiday. Learn how different regions around the country handle this important side dish.

Does Your Turkey Have the Right Stuff?

Does your Thanksgiving table dress to impress? In different regions of the country, families tend to call that delicious bread-and-fruit-and-spice-and-sausage side dish either dressing or stuffing. What does your family call it?

If you call it dressing, odds are you cook it separately from the turkey – and you live in the southern region of the United States. Otherwise, you’re a stuffing family, and you cook it in the turkey.

Whatever you call it, we can all agree it’s delicious. For a great stuffing (or dressing) recipe option from the Butterball kitchen, try this: Double Cornbread Stuffing.

*This survey was conducted online with a random sample 1,000 men and women in 9 regions – all members of the CyberPulseTM Advisory Panel. Research was conducted in May 2007. The overall sampling error for the survey is +/-3% at the 95% level of confidence.